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China enjoys a long tradition of innovation. The Four Great Inventions of ancient China – compass, papermaking, printing and black powder – have profoundly influenced the advance of human civilization. These days, China is about to assume a novel leadership role in innovation and technology: especially in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, but also in the legal tech domain, as the rule of law and legal services are increasingly being transformed by digital technologies.

falvkeji.com strives to serve as a compass to all those who are interested in legal technology in China. It provides orientation and guides you through the vast and dynamic landscape of Chinese legal tech companies and their services. By analogy with the other three Great Inventions, we organize legal tech into legal tech for legal professionals (printing) and law tech for consumers (black powder), and legal tech intermediaries (paper).

In our 2019 article on “Where Is China Heading With Legal Tech?” in the Artificial Lawyer, we offered a quick glance at this exciting topic, how Chinese legal technology developed from ‘internet + law’ to‘ legal e-commerce’ to ‘LawTech’ and what the Chinese legal tech landscape looks like. With falvkeji.com we continue our journey.

中国有着悠久的创新历史。中国古代的四大发明——指南针、造纸术、印刷术和黑火药 深刻地影响了人类文明的进步。随着数字技术的日益发展,法治环境和法律服务也在不断更 新变化。如今,中国将在创新和技术领域,特别是在人工智能、大数据以及法律领域,扮演 一个新的领导角色:实现法律服务科技化。 

falvkeji.com 的目标是为所有对中国法律科技感兴趣的人提供一个指南针——中国法 律科技信息以及新闻,同时致力于介绍在法律科技领域实现创新的企业及其服务和产品。 与其他三大发明对人类文明的推动相似,我们将提供律师法律科技(印刷术)、客户法 律科技(黑火药)和法律服务平台(造纸术)三项服务。

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