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Legal Tech Intermediaries

Papermaking was invented around 105 CE in the Han dynasty by Chinese inventor and politician Cai Lun (蔡伦). Paper vastly facilitated writing, tilting the scales from oral to written communication. For the lawyer-client relationship, legal services platforms can be viewed as playing a comparable role to the one paper plays for the writer and reader. Instead of having to communicate their legal expertise by word of mouth, legal service platforms provide lawyers with a place to write down their expertise and services. For clients these platforms serve as a user-friendly source of information when they seek legal advice.

Legal services platforms in China emerged in the ‘Internet+Law’ and ‘legal e-commerce’ era, the early stages in Chinese legal tech development. They are quite common and fall into two broad categories: online law firms and O2O (online-to-offline) platforms. Online law firms are platforms where a legal expert team provides a range of legal services (often limited to certain practice areas) via the Internet. O2O platforms are “Uber”-style platforms which enable clients to find individual lawyers and individual lawyers to find clients. Both types of legal services platforms may also host a forum where users can ask legal questions, or supply a legal encyclopedia.

造纸术约汉代公元 105 年由发明家、政治家蔡伦发明。造纸术极大促进了文字的发展, 将思想的交流从口头转移到了书面中。 

法律服务平台对律师和客户的关系所发挥的作用,可类比造纸术对作者和读者发挥的影 响。律师不再仅限于通过个人对个人的单向介绍传播自己的专业知识。法律服务平台为律师 提供了一个书面传播自己专业知识、提供专业服务、提升竞争力的途径。对于客户而言,平 台则创造了一个方便快捷的法律咨询场所。 

中国的法律服务平台出现在 “互联网+法律” 和 “法律电商” 时代。法律服务平台 也被称为 o2o(online-to-offline)平台。o2o 平台使客户、律师之间能够高效地取得联系并 得出法律问题解决方案。







Founded 2013

Headquartered in Beijing

Legal tech solution(s)

Lvshibangbang, an online legal service platform, is a large-scale information interaction platform for legal supply and demand parties that uses the “Internet + Law” approach.

The platform brings together a large number of outstanding lawyers, pioneers the crowdfunding rights protection model, and provides online legal services such as drafting contracts and legal consulting.

Lawyers can be evaluated based on a 5 star rating system.





Founded 2004

Legal tech solution(s)

Lvtu is a classic intermediary platform, allowing users to find a lawyer and lawyers to find clients.

Pocketlawyer is a product developed by Bestone.


Shanghai Bestone Information & Technology Co. Ltd.


http://www.bestone.com/ / http://www.fabao.cn/ 

Founded in 2006

Headquartered in Shanghai

Legal tech solution(s)

Bestone is a mass customization dispute resolution service provider. Bestone’s SaaS legal service platform has handled over 100 thousand cases and rich full-process operation experience has been accumulated. Bestone also developed the Pocket lawyer app, a legal service platform that enables users to find a professional lawyer in seconds, in order to conduct offline consultation, delegation or other customized business.

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